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Theme: Research In The New Norm

01 - 03 December 2022

Thursday - Saturday

Virtual Conference


20 CPD





Professor Cindy Lo Kuen Lam

Professor Cindy Lo Kuen Lam, MH, JP is a clinical professor at the University of Hong Kong and the Head of the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care. She graduated with a medical degree from the University of Hong Kong in 1981 and later, obtained her M.D. from the University of Hong Kong in 2003. She has worked for 30 years, beginning in 1985, to develop the undergraduate programme in family medicine and primary care, as well as family medicine research. Professor Lam is currently a Chief Censor of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians, where she is responsible for ensuring the quality of training and examination of family medicine trainees. Her research involvement is impressive, and she has multiple publications in high-impact journals. Her research interests include health-related quality of life evaluation, primary care health services quality and outcome evaluation and primary mental health care. Despite her illustrious accolades, Professor Lam continues to practice family medicine in Hong Kong, serving public primary care patients.


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Professor Wong Chee Piau 

Professor Wong Chee Piau is a paediatrician and a child neurologist. He received his undergraduate medical training in Malaysia and postgraduate training in the United Kingdom. He is the first Malaysian paediatrician to complete the UK Calman Training in Paediatrics and Paediatric Neurology.  Professor Wong is keen on teaching and revamped the paediatric trainee teaching program in Northern England. He is also a founding member of Monash Medical School in Malaysia established in July 2006. Professor Wong is passionate about Digital Health. He established the telemedicine research cluster at Monash University  Malaysia,  formulating a  strategy for translational research in telemedicine in  Monash University  Malaysia. He is also one of the founding members of the Digital Health Malaysia (DHM), a steering committee co-chaired by the  Director of Health  Ministry of Health (MOH)  and the Chairman of Malaysia Communication and Multimedia  Commission  (MCMC).  Digital Health  Malaysia is now registered as an industry lead association where Chee Piau is the founding president. Chee Piau remains an active clinician and conducts clinics for general childhood disorders, children with neurology and neurodisability disorders with special interests in Paediatric Epilepsy, paediatric neurodisability and Community Paediatrics.


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Professor Brian McKinstry

Professor Brian McKinstry is a general practitioner and Emeritus Professor of Primary Care eHealth at the University of Edinburgh. He received his undergraduate medical degree in 1978 and his MD later in 1998, both at the University Of Edinburgh. Professor McKinstry research interests have been mainly around remote information exchange between clinicians and patients particularly telehealthcare. The Telescot programme which he led has carried out several randomised controlled trials and many descriptive/qualitative studies in this area. These studies include the exploration of video-consulting, telemonitoring of chronic obstructive airways disease, heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes, depression, dementia and machine learning to develop better monitoring algorithms. He now leads Scale-Up BP a Scottish Government implementation of our BP telemonitoring work. Professor McKinstry is the founder-director of SHARE the Scottish Health Research Register. This is one of the world’s biggest volunteer research registers in which participants have permitted the use of their linked data to establish their suitability for recruitment to research and can also donate blood for genetic research.  


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