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Due to current situation with COVID-19 pandemic, there may be some delay with the grant review process. Please email our secretariat ( to ask for updates on your application.

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The AFPM research grant was introduced in 2008 with the objective of promoting Primary Care Research in Malaysia. Many of the existing research grants hosted by large organisations target at experienced researchers with a high expectation of research outcomes. In order to encourage primary care projects by novice researchers, the AFPM has decided to create this research grant to help fund projects conducted by members of AFPM.

*The eligible applicants must be an ACTIVE member of AFPM.

*All Primary Care researchers who apply for more than RM10,000 Grant must be AFPM Life members.

Two types of grants are offered:

1. AFPM Primary Care Research Grant
The main objective is to encourage impactful project in primary care settings. 

2. ATFM Student Grant: *This is open to all ATFM students.
The main objective is to facilitate the learning of research process and grant application.


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