Process of Application

1) The research proposal must be submitted to the MPCRG Review Committee via email: 2) The applicant must use the standard application form here: AFPM Research Grant Application Form 3) The proposal should contain sufficient information to justify your grant application. Please enclose the following to complete your application:
- Participant Information - Consent Form - Questionnaire of data collection form (whichever is relevant) 4) The outcome of the application will be notified to all applicants within 2 months after the application deadlines. 5) Applicant is responsible to obtain ethics approval. Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia DOES NOT have medical research ethics review board for ethics application. 6) Letter of approval from ethics committee may not be necessary for grant application. However, the grant will only be released by claim after the ethics approval. 7) The principal investigator of the research project is responsible to forward the evidence of ethics approval such as letter of approval from the ethics committee.

Process of Claim

In order to claim, the principal investigator must submit the following documents:
1. The letter of approval from the ethics committee (first time)
2. The letter of grant approval from AFPM (first time)
3. A complete claim form
4. Original receipts of expenditure incurred
The completed claim form with the original receipts must be signed and scanned. The original hard copy form and receipts will need to be posted or handed into secretariat office while the scanned soft copies of the documents to Once approved by the committee, reimbursement will be made.

  • All claims must be accompanied by proof of ethical approval from your local institutional ethical review board.
  • Any hardware/software belongs to AFPM at the end of the project. The reimbursement of claim for any purchase of hardware or software will be delayed until the researchers return all the equipment after data collection/analysis completed.

Budget Reallocation Procedure

For any budget reallocation needed by researchers after Grant Approved, principal investigator have to submit documents below to

  1. Letter of reallocate application (detailing the reallocation amount, budget changes - from which part to which part and the justification)
  2. Old and new budget
  3. Approval letter and previous proposal

Submission of interim report, final report and application of extension

  1. Interim report has to be submitted every 6 months from the date of award
  2. Final report has to be submitted within 3 months of project termination
  3. Any extension of the project schedule has to be applied to the secretariat.
Download form HERE.