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AFPM Primary Care Research

  • Dr Chow Suet Yin: Strenghtening the management of children with disabilities: Primary care providers' perspectives

  • Dr Chean Kooi Yau: Effects of time restricted feeding on body weight and metabolic syndrome severity in the obese adults – a pilot randomized controlled trial

  • Dr Teoh Soo HuatFactors influencing obesity management in adults among Primary Care doctors in Malaysia: an exploratory study

  • Dr Mohamed Syarif Mohamed YassinHealth literacy-related knowledge, attitude, practice and perceived barriers among primary care doctors in Malaysia

ATFM Student Research

  • Dr Fiona Chua Chun Yong: Prevalence of uptake of cervical cancer screening amongst healthcare providers in Kuala Lumpur

  • Dr Helmi bin Ismail: Prevalence of smartphone addiction among primary healthcare providers and its associated factors in Kuala Lumpur

  • Dr Nurul Huda Bt Mohd ZohadiKnowledge and Practice of Government Primary Care Doctors in Kuala Lumpur in Management of Atopic Eczema

  • Dr Ranmeet Kaur A/P Jasbir SinghFactors Associated With Job Satisfaction And Turnover Intention Among Medical Officers In Government Primary Care Clinics in Johor

  • Dr Pravin Rajakumar: Knowledge, Attitude and Preventive practices of sexually transmitted diseases among youths attending government primary care clinics in Pulau Pinang.

  • Dr Yasodha DoraisamyThe impact of 'Healthy Plate' in changing eating pattern, efficacy in healthy eating and weight status of adolescent: A cluster randomised control trial

  • Dr Ho Sheau FenPrevalence of depression among obese primary health care workers in Penang and its associated factors

  • Dr Suriani Akbar Abdul HalimPrevalence and associated factors of hypertension among children & adolescents attending primary care clinics – a multicentre study

  • Dr Assila Abd Hamid: Foot care practice among patients with diabetes mellitus who attend primary care clinics in Johor

  • Dr Chee Kher WeiKnowledge, Attitude and Lifestyle Practice of Obesity Among Obese Adults Attending Primary Care Clinics in Selangor

  • Dr Viknaswaran KumaranKnowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of Indigeneous People towards chronic illness in Bera, Malaysia

  • Dr Saidi Ab RahmanPrevalence of Sexual Dysfunction among Postmenopausal Women Attending Primary Care Clinic in Kelantan, Its Associated Factors and Quality of Life

  • Dr Muhamad Nur Kausar ZulkifliThe Effects of Intermittent Fasting Diet Among Public Primary Care Workers in Penang: A Randomized Controlled Trial (the Interfere trial). 


AFPM Primary Care Research

  • Dr Hani Syahida: The views and experiences of people with limited health literacy ad asthma on managing their condition: a qualitative study


  • Prof Dr Lee Ping Yein: Partner involvement in contraception decision-making: A multi-country study


  • Prof Dr Ng Chirk Jenn: Developing a Malaysian Model of Primary Care Consultations

ATFM Student Research


  • Dr Khairunizah binti Moideen: Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among adult smokers attending primary care clinic in Melaka


  • Dr Nur Atikah Nureen Bt Rosli: A study to assess prevalence and factors associated with late antenatal bookings in northern states of Malaysia (Perlis, Kedah & Pulau Pinang)


  • Dr Siti Hawa Alias: Prevalence and Associated Factors of Lipohypertrophy in Insulin-Treated Diabetic Patients In Malaysian Primary Care


AFPM Primary Care Research

  • Dr Khasnur Abd Malek: Effectiveness of a Hybrid Work to Home-based Exercise Programme for Overweight Subjects in Improving Fitness Level: The Change Initiative

ATFM Student Research

  • Dr Anjhana a/p Selvarajan: Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Healthcare Providers in Klinik Kesihatan Meru


ATFM Student Research

  • Dr Nurainul Hani ShamsuddinWeight perception among Malaysian patients and its association with their help-seeking behaviour


  • Dr Cheng Yee Gin: Proportion of undiagnosed Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and its Determinants Among Patients with T2DM in Gombak District


  • Dr Mohd Haslam Ahmad Bistamam: Depression Among Gp Trainees In Malaysia


​AFPM Primary Care Research

  • Dr Nurainul Hana Binti ShamsuddinMissed opportunities for early intervention in children under 5 years old with severe respiratory tract infection: development of a tool to identify contribution factors

ATFM Student Research

  • Dr Cimmeran Kaur Sindhu A/P Jaggit Singh: Awareness of colorectal cancer among the urban population of Klang Valley


  • Dr Geoffrey Wong Lee SzePrevalence of suspected obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults at selected primary care clinics in Johor and Sarawak


  • Dr Yeoh Kok MingPractice variation among doctors in managing pregnant women with urinary leucocyte-esterase positive and/or nitrite positive without symptoms of urinary tract infection


​AFPM Primary Care Research

  • Prof Dr Teng Cheong Lieng: An evaluation of primary care and family medicine research in Malaysia

ATFM Student Research

  • Dr Lee Sze LengPrevalence and Help-Seeking Behaviour of Males with Premature Ejaculation in the Primary Care Setting


  • Dr Nurul Adhiyah W IshakPrevalence of insulin refusal among Type 2 Diabetes patients in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia


  • Dr Pregalathan: Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) among asymptomatic patients with moderate cardiovascular risk (CV): A cross-sectional study


  • Dr. Rosanna GregoryDoes the attire of a primary care physician affect patients’ perception and level of trust in the doctor?


  • Dr Sri Dewi PriyaKnowledge, perception and attitude toward antibiotic usage in upper 
    respiratory tract infection among patients attending government health
     clinics in Sabah and Sarawak


  • Dr Tim Che An/Melissa: Effect of medication diary on medical adherence and blood pressure readings in primary care clinics in Penang, a randomized control trial


  • Dr Usha Hoh/Dr. Anis RafidahThe level of acceptance of diagnosis and its association with diabetes control among type 2 diabetes patients


ATFM Student Research


  • Dr. Sigappi Odaiyappan: Effectiveness Of Cardiac Risk Communication On Smoking Cessation In Primary Care: A Pilot Study


ATFM Student Research

  • Dr. Nasir Loh Abdullah: Physical activity among overweight and obese adults visiting primary care clinics in The Klang Valley


  • Dr. Tan Kean Chye: Depression, anxiety and stress amongst Diabetes Patients in Primary Care: a cross sectional study

  • Dr. Wong PFCardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Assessment And Control Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Primary Care Clinics

  • Dr. Lee Kam PongKnowledge, attitude and practice of mammogram screening among women age 40 years old and above in primary care settings in Klang Valley

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