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Data Analysis

[ Power Point Notes: General principle of Data Analysis ]

1. The basic of statistical analysis:

a. An introduction and overall picture

b. Steps in data analysis:

i. Steps in undertaking statistical appropriate statistics

c. Choosing a specific type of test: 

i. Two broad types of statistics: descriptive and inferential statistic

ii. Descriptive statistic

iii. Inferential statistics

d. Making a conclusion from the statistics: 

i. Null hypothesis testing: the "p" value

ii. The SPSS Interface

iii. Creating Variables and Entering Data

b. Data cleaning - involve generating descriptive statistics

c. Normality testing using SPSS 

3. Descriptive statistics using SPSS 

Mean mode median, normality testing, maximum/minimum, frequency

4. Inferential statistics using SPSS  

a. Independent "T" test

b. Chi-square 

c. Correlation and regression 

2. Using SPSS

a. Data entry into SPSS 

i. Opening and closing SPSS